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Special Announcement from Tacoma AGO

That’s unfortunate scheduling.  It will take out several people.
On 11/12/2017 08:36 PM, Satya Jaech wrote: > Hello, > > Unfortunately, I have a Christ Church choir rehearsal on this evening, which was rescheduled from Thursday evening because of the Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t think Mark or Kathryn realized there would be a conflict with this evening. It’s right before our annual Lessons and Carols, so I feel I need to be at choir rehearsal. Otherwise, I would attend this. > > Satya > > >> On Nov 12, 2017, at 8:33 PM, Tacoma Chapter of the American Guild of Organists <> wrote: >> >> You are invited to a workshop for budding conductors presented by Tacoma member Don Dunscomb for our November 20th meeting in Kilworth Chapel! Anyone who wants to improve their conducting skills, or is just getting started directing a group is encouraged to participate. Just contact Don or the program chair to let them know of your interest. Everyone gets to participate as the chorus in Randall Thompson’s Alleluia and Robert Field’s setting of Praetorius’ Hosanna to the Son of David. Don is now retired after spending many years working as a church music director in Roseburg, Oregon. He will be assisted by Curt Sather, who is organist and choirmaster at St John’s Episcopal Church in Olympia.

music in the mall

The quote below is from the Seattle AGO newsletter.  Norma said the Tacoma date would  be Thursday, Dec 14.  I have never been to the mall, so I don’t really know about crowds at a given time of day, but I’m guessing that 4-7PM, when people are getting off work, is prime time. It looks like we’re not getting prime time. 

Organ in the mall playing opportunities:
Saturday Dec. 16 at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, many have already signed up to play.  There is some time available around the noon hour if you are interested playing holiday music there.  Contact Susanna Valleau to sign up for a time slot.

Thursday Dec. 14, 4 pm to 7 pm, at the Pacific Place Mall in downtown Seattle.  Plenty of playing slots still available.
Contact Susanna Valleau if you wish to play holiday music there.

Tacoma Mall

I think it’s a good idea.  If we get time slots from her, I can send out an announcement and put a signup sheet on our website.  It might have been nice if she had asked us to be in on the planning stages rather than giving us a date.  There probably would have been more buy-in.

It would be more effective if we also gave out information, or at least had some posters with qr codes pointing back to our website, with a little bit of information on the organ, our organization, and what to do if their church is looking for an organ or if they know somebody who wants to take organ lessons.  That would probably mean having two people there for each time.

I’m not very interested in having Joe Peer “talking this up”.

On 11/08/2017 07:28 AM, Naomi Wohlers wrote:“>

Hi Board! The message below was sent by Norma. I think it is a wonderful and fun opportunity! What do you think? Naomi

hi Naomi,
I’m not sure you’ve been contacted yet, Martha Freitag was going to let you know, that the Seattle AGO is including the Tacoma Mall in it’s Organ in the Mall at Christmas time.
This is mainly due to the invitation of my daughter, Rachel, who is marketing director at Tacoma Mall. Last year, she was at Pacific Place in Seattle, so at her invitation,  we played there, as well as at 2 malls in Bellevue.  This will be our 3rd year! You’ve probably seen the fine article Carl Dodrill posted in TAO with photos. It’s been a great visibility-thing that National AGO is quite interested in….
This year, we’re taking the organ to Tacoma Mall FIRST – on Thursday, December 14, and then to Seattle – Pacific Place – on Friday, and Bellevue for the weekend.
We need Tacoma organists to join us in the fun. This is your opportunity to share the pipe organ with Tacoma folks, playing as much secular fun music as you can – leave the Bach and classical stuff at home, and bring your Readers Digest Favorite Christmas Carols – and an instrument or 2 or others (Will Simpson brought a little choir from St Andrew’s!!!) along, and play for 1/2 hour or hour.
We will probably have 3-4 hours to fill.  Carl Dodrill is hoping that Joe Peer will talk this up with your AGO group, but we also need you to be a cheerleader and help!
I’ll get more details from Carl and then ask you how best the word can get out. Sorry to miss the November newsletter deadline. Do you have an email that goes out with announcements mid-month, like David Lepse does for us in Seattle?

All best,

Norma Aamodt-Nelson

Scholarship Open for Applications

The scholarship committee, consisting of David Dahl, Betsy Buck, and Cheryl Drewes, has completed its work, and the application is now available online.  For criteria and other information, please visit the scholarship page at .

To be considered, applications must be received by November 30.

Many thanks to this committee for creating application guidelines and criteria for this important service of our chapter.