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Minutes of AGO board and committee meetings

Minutes of July 25, 2022 Board Meeting

Present: Sheila Bristow, Thomas Clark, Cheryl Drewes, Michael Menne, Jan Regier, Wyatt Smith, Sandra Tietjen

Cheryl opened the meeting by asking members to react to the program ideas list that was circulated.

  1. January or February 2023 “Jumpstart” program “mini-convention” with workshops, concerts, etc, probably held in Tacoma. Wyatt will work with Zach and report back.
  2. David would like to repeat the PLU Lagerquist Christmas event. Cheryl will contact Paul Tegels for a date.
  3. Opening picnic as September meeting. Hopefully Saturday, September 17 at David and Loi’s house. Social time beginning at 4:30, food at 5:30. The board voted unanimously to allocate $200 for picnic.
  4. Sheila proposes including the canceled Brian Galante program from last year in the February joint program.
  5. Wyatt proposes March program “Mendelssohn Plays Bach.” Tentatively UPS Kilworth.
  6. Cheryl is willing to play a “Fright Night” program at Spanaway Lutheran in October, possibly featuring a silent movie, October 17.
  7. Wyatt is willing to do the November program on Margaret Sandresky. This program is moved to November 14 due to Thanksgiving. Tentatively at Wesley. Invite Seattle to this program.
  8. January 16 program will be “New Year New Music” to give members ideas for preludes and postludes. Jan Regier volunteered to coordinate this program. Jan will ask if we can use St. John’s Gig Harbor.
  9. Ask Bruce Shull to do program April 16 at Agnus Dei Gig Harbor on temperament. Tom will contact Bruce.

Sheila will write a proposal for a Facebook page, including structure, content, and how it would be administered and bring it back to the next board meeting.

The scholarship is open now and will close on Sept 30, with applicants to be notified by October 30. The board voted to increase the scholarship amount to $720.

Next board meeting Sept 12, 7:00 PM on Zoom.

Minutes of Business Meeting June 06, 2022

Dean Sheila Bristow called the meeting to order and presented the following slate of officers:

  • Dean: Cheryl Drewes
  • Subdean: Wyatt Smith
  • Treasurer: Sandra Tietjen (continuing)
  • Secretary: Thomas Clark (continuing)
  • Board Member as past dean: Sheila Bristow
  • Board Member at large: Michael Menne (continuing)
  • Board Member at large: Jan Regier

The slate was accepted unanimously by acclamation.

Board Meeting Minutes Feb 7, 2022

Present: Sheila Bristow, Thomas Clark, David Dahl, Cheryl Drewes, Satya Jaech, Sandra Tietjen

Sheila’s goal is to discuss programming for the next 2 or 3 months and to talk about future leadership.

Satya will take notes and pictures for an article for the newsletter for the February meeting on St. Matthew Passion. Sheila will follow up with Cooper Sherry re vaccination protocol.

The March program on Franck is fully planned, with about 45 minutes of music. Tim will write program notes. As of now, we can’t have refreshments, but that may change if coffee hour returns to the church.

April program will probably be an organ tour of Seattle, using St. Andrews, St. Alphonsus, Queen Anne Lutheran, and Gethsemane. Lunch will be take-out with seating in the Gethsemane community room. The program will probably be on Saturday, April 30.

Sheila will appoint a nominating committee. We will plan to announce the slate 30 days before the April meeting.

May will probably be social, possibly outdoors.

Minutes Board Meeting 11/29/2021

Present: Sheila Bristow, Thomas Clark, David Dahl, Cheryl Drewes, Satya Jaech, Michael Menne, Sandra Tietjen

Concerning practice times for December program, Cheryl will contact Paul Tegels to get some practice times. We will post them on the website for people to sign up.

There doesn’t appear to be an easy way to serve hot chocolate at the December program. Therefore, the plan is for each person to bring a thermos with their own beverage. Sandy is going to buy cookies for the group. Satya will print a program.

The January program will be a trip to St. Marks on January 14 for their scheduled organ recital.

Potentially we could do a program on Franck at Spanaway Lutheran in February or March presented by Cheryl.

A program on Moravian music is still also an option, possibly consisting of listening to recordings of anthems followed by sight reading some anthems. Venues might be St. Mark’s by the Narrows or Trinity Lutheran. Sheila will check to see if William White is interested.

Another possibility for February or March would be the organ crawl in Seattle that David has been thinking about. It would likely include St. Alphonsus, Queen Anne Lutheran, St. Andrews, and Gethsemane.

We will need to establish a nominating committee in January for officer elections in the Spring.