Meetings in April and May

Spring is here, and we have two meetings remaining for the program year.

Monday, April 16 at Kilworth Chapel UPS at 7:30 p.m.  is our masterclass with noted concert organist Bruce Neswick.  Those desiring to participate are encouraged to do so and to SIGN UP as soon as possible!  We still have open slots, but there is room for only four participants.  If you’re not planning to play, do come to watch Bruce work with the class participants and also to perform and improvise.

Our final meeting is a social event at the Thornock residence in University Place.   We will install our new officers at this meeting.  Come, bring refreshments and good cheer to share.   Those who are interested are welcome to try out  Paul’s 1974 Helmuth Wolff practice organ: two manuals and pedal with one stop.

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