Communications Policy


The purpose of the website is to be a repository of information about organs, organ literature, performances, and choral music for AGO members and the public in the Tacoma area.  Any member may write an article or an announcement that would be of general interest to the membership.  Articles are visible to the public, and announcements are visible only to members who have logged in to the site.  All articles and announcements are subject to editing.  Non-members who wish to submit articles or announcements must find a sponsor who is a Tacoma AGO member.


The newsletter is published and emailed to all members on the first day of each month.  It includes all relevant articles and announcements posted since the previous newsletter, along with a calendar that shows future events.  It is generated automatically and does not include any information that is not already on the website.  The way to get an article or announcement in the newsletter is to submit it for publication on the website.

Special Communications

The primary means of communications are the website and monthly newsletter.  The Chapter has the ability to post an urgent announcement and email it immediately to all members.  It is reserved for information that members need before the next newsletter is published and that could not have been known in advance, such as a concert cancellation or change of venue.  It is not used for announcements or events that were submitted too late for publication.