Submitting an Event to the Calendar

Permitted Events

The following types of events are accepted on the calendar.

  • Organ Recitals
  • Choral Concerts
  • Any musical event that features a Tacoma AGO member

Required Information

All events submitted to the calendar must contain the following information. If this information is not included, the event will not be published.

  • Name of event
  • Brief description
  • Specific location, including city and zip code
  • Date, time, and duration
  • Cost

In addition, the following optional information may be included

  • One or more images
  • URL for additional information
  • Extended description
  • Instructions for finding a location or parking

Events are Public

Unless other arrangements are made, all events are public.  They are available on the website and will automatically be included in the newsletter.  All events are submitted to Google and other search engines automatically, and are automatically placed on the calendars of subscribers.

By request, an event can be made available only to members.  A typical use for this feature would be an event in a member’s home where it is not desirable to make the address public.

How to Submit an Event

All events must be sponsored by a Tacoma AGO member.

If you are not a Tacoma AGO member, you must find a member to sponsor and add your event.

If you are a Tacoma AGO member, you may add events to the calendar after logging in to the website using the following link:

Add an event to the calendar

You will need to ask for assistance in the following circumstances:

  • A new location (not previously used in the calendar)
  • A private event