Dean’s Message June 2024

As I write my final dean’s message, I am filled with gratitude for the past two years: for the diligent work of a committed and caring board, the wonderful programs that emerged, and the encouragement shared every step of the way. That’s not all, though; my mind keeps turning to something deeper about the TAGO that I want to capture.

We are an active and uniquely supportive chapter, where one can learn, share, and grow, and where newcomers can find a warm welcome. What impresses me most is that our board leadership has intentionally cultivated this sense of community for decades upon decades. Friendships blossom, connections are made, and people feel at home. Thank you! to everyone who set TAGO on this path long ago. May we continue to walk it far into the future.

To my peeps on the board: Thank you for your enduring dedication, enthusiasm, collaboration, and so much more! Together, we have brought the chapter to another beginning, and are now ready for a new season. Thank you, as well, to those of you who presented or performed chapter programs, were part of a committee, or simply participated as a member. You all are truly appreciated.

As I retire to the board position of past-dean, I look forward to the leadership of our incoming dean, Wyatt Smith. Of all the projects he initiated while sub-dean, the most significant has been our outreach to young organists, including “Bach Rediscovered,” at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Tacoma, and “Young Organists’ Event,” at Lagerquist Concert Hall. Wyatt brings imagination, enthusiasm, and a fresh perspective. Please give him all your support in the new term.

Also note! We will vote in our new board members and give our thanks and appreciation to outgoing members at our Year-End Chapter Gathering, a potluck picnic hosted by Wyatt Smith, 8703 71st Street CT SW, Lakewood, on Wednesday, June 12, from 4:30pm-7:30pm.
For another look at the slate of candidates, see here. The chapter will provide drinks; please bring something to share, and enjoy the company!


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