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Seattle Organ Tour 2022

On Saturday, May 30, Seattle AGO members toured four important Seattle organs.

The day began at Queen Anne Lutheran Church. Organist Kyle Haugen introduced the Wechs organ and briefly demonstrated its capabilities. Several members then played pieces to try out the organ.

At the next stop, organist Andrew Koch was not present, but David Dahl, who played the dedication recital, was able to introduce Fritts Organs opus 4. The organ is especially meaningful to David because his father did the wood carving for the pipe shades.

At St. Andrews Episcopal Church, organist Tim Drewes introduced the organ and provided a bit of history. The organ was initially in equal temperament, but Tim, who is also an organ builder, modified it to Kellner.

Members ate lunch in the community room of Gethsemane Lutheran Church, then heard a brief introduction to Fritts opus 6 by organist Thomas Clark. Several members then played pieces to demonstrate the organ.

A Day Down South!

You are cordially invited to explore the Chehalis Valley in an organ crawl and then go up to the South Sound for an organ recital.

The Olympia Chapter of the American Guild of Organists invites you to explore three REMARKABLE organs and then enjoy a concert by Doug Cleveland on June 4, 2022!

10:00 a.m. St. Timothy Episcopal Church Chehalis

Kay Flores, Rector
Phone: 360.748.8232. Mobile: 307.265.6516
1826 SW Snively Avenue
Chehalis, WA 98532 US

Randall J. McCarty (Dedicated 11 March, 1979)
Plaque on organ states: Originally A. B. Felgemaker Opus 521 (1893) for
Trinity Methodist Church, Xenia, Ohio
Obtained through the Organ Clearing House
Exhibited in the 1982 OHS convention

Great (58 Notes):
8’ Open Diapason 58 m
8’ Dulciana 58 m
8’ Melodia 58 m
4’ Octave 58 m

Swell (58 Notes, enclosed):
16’ Bourdon TC 46 w
8’ Violin Diapason 50 m
8’ Salicional 58 m
8’ Stopped Diapason 58 w & m
4’ Flute d’Amour 58 m
8’ Oboe 46 m
8’ Bassoon 12m (plays bottom octave only)

Pedal (27 notes, pneumatic key action)
16’ Bourdon 27 w

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great
Swell to Great Super Octave
Bellows Signal
Wind Indicator

Pedal Movements (2 un-labeled double acting pedals)
Great Piano
Great Forte
Great to Pedal Reversible
Balanced Swell Pedal
Water Motor hitch-down pedal

11: 15 a.m. St. John’s Lutheran Church

2190 Jackson Highway
Chehalis, WA 98532
(360) 748 4741
Joan (Pronounced Joanne) Jahnsen, Director of Music and Organist

S. L. Huntington & Co. (1993)
Originally Koehnken & Grimm (1895)

8′ Open Diapason
8′ Melodia
8′ Dulciana
4′ Octave
3′ Quinte
2′ Super Octave

8′ Geigen Diapason
8′ Stopped Diapason
8′ Salicional
4′ Harmonic Flute
2′ Piccolo**

16′ Bourdon

Two Pedal Movements
Great Forte (Left shoe activates six Great stops)
Great Piano (Right shoe retires all Great stops EXCEPT Dulciana and Melodia)

**The piccolo pipes (also by Koehnken and Grimm) replace an 8′ Aeoline. Original pipes and rackboard were preserved.

Unused for over 25 years at St. Mary’s R. C., Shawnee, OH. In 1992 the organ was moved and reinstalled here by some 50 volunteers from the church. S. L. Huntington (of Stonington, Connecticut) worked with Herbert and Marianne Huestis (Ladner, BC, Canada) on the restoration and installation in Chehalis.
Painted decorations copied from the original facade pipes. Amy Huestis, student at Concordia University, Montreal, prepared stencils which reproduced the original colors.

12:30 p.m. Chehalis Seventh-day Adventist Church

120 Chilvers Rd.
Chehalis, WA 98532 US
360 748 4330

CASAVANT FRÈRES Ltée., Nº 3027, 1983
16’ Quintaden 61
8’ Prinzipal 61
8’ Bordun 61
4’ Oktav 61
4’ Rohr Flöte 61
2’ Flach Flöte 61
IV Mixtur 11/3’ 244
8’ Trompette 61 [hooded]
8’ Festival Trompette 61
Chimes (Maas; TF – F4- 25 tubes)
Carillon (Schulmerich)

Great Unison Off

8’ Gedackt 61
8’ Erzähler 61
8’ Erzähler Céleste (GG) 54
8’ Geigen Prinzipal 61
4’ Kooppel Flöte 61
2’ Block Flöte 61
1 1/3’ Quint Flöte 61
III Zimbel 1’ 183
8’ Krummhorn 61
8’ Festival Trompete (Gt)
Harp (preparation

Choir Unison Off
Choir 4

SWELL (Expressive)
8’ Rohr Flöte 61
8’ Salizional 61
8’ Vox Cœlesstis (GG) 54
4’ Prinzipal 61
4’ Spitz Flöte 61
2’ Oktav 61
II Sesquialtera 22/3’ (TC) 98
IV Scharf 2/3’ 244
16’ Oboe 12
8’ Oboe 61
8’ Festival Trompete (Gt)

Swell Unison Off
Swell 4

16’ Prinzipal (1-30 Façade) 32
16’ Subbass 32
8’ Oktav 32
8’ Gedackt Pommer 32
4’ Choral Bass 32
IV Mixtur 2’ 128
16’ Posaune 32
16’ Oboe (Sw)
8’ Trompette 32
4’ Schalmei 32
Chimes (Gt)
8’ Festival Trompette (Gt)

Swell to Pedal 8,4
Great to Pedal 8
Choir to Pedal 8,4

Swell to Great 8,4
Choir to Great 8,4

Swell to Choir 8,4

General 1-8
Swell 1-6
Swell to Pedal (reversible)
Swell to Great (reversible)
Swell to Choir (reversible)

Swell to Pedal 8,4
Great to Pedal 8
Choir to Pedal 8,4
Swell to Great 8,4
Choir to Great 8,4
Swell to Choir 8,4

General 1-8
Swell 1-6
Swell/Pedal (reversible
Swell/Great (reversible)
Swell/Choir (reversible)
Great 1-6
Great/Pedal (reversible)
Choir 1-6
Choir/Pedal (reversible)
Choir/Great (reversible)
Pedal 1-6
Full Organ (reversible

General 1 – 8
Pedal 1 – 6
Sw./Ped. (reversible)
Gt./Ped. (reversible)
Ch./Ped. (reversible)
Sw./Gt. (reversible)
Ch./Gt. (reversible)
Sw./Ch. (reversible)
Full Organ (reversible)
Zimbelstern (preparation) (reversible)

Swell Expression (balanced)
Choir Expression (balanced)
Crescendo (balanced)

ACTION: E-S; E-P unit; VOICES: 36; STOPS: 44; RANKS: 48; PIPES: 2554
(including. Chimes & carillon)

3:00 PM Doug Cleveland in concert at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Olympia

April program: Seattle Organ Tour

Our April 30, 2022 program will be a tour of Seattle organs. Hold that date!

We are still working on the schedule, but the tour will involve at least three, and probably four Seattle organs. We are planning to spend about an hour at each church. At each stop, the host organist will spend about 15 minutes demonstrating the organ, focusing on the sounds of the organ and not playing complete pieces. Afterward, members are invited to try the organ or to play a piece.

Lunch will be at a downtown church where there are multiple take-out options within a short radius, including Subway, Taco Del Mar, and Whole Foods.

Within a few days, we will send out an email with the schedule.

César Franck 200th Anniversary Concert at Spanaway Lutheran Church

March 2022 marks the 200th anniversary of the birthday of César Franck, a legendary French organist and composer. The Tacoma AGO celebrated this birthday with a March program featuring a recital of the music of César Franck played by members at the Spanaway Lutheran Church.

The 1905 Woodberry organ is in a case at the front of the room, with a traditional style key desk and a keyboard cover that can be lifted to form a music rack. There are two manuals, with a compass of 61 notes, three divisions, 22 stops, 18 registers, and 20 ranks. The pedalboard is flat, with a compass of 30 notes.  The organ features slider chests, and mechanical key and stop action.

Dean Sheila Bristow standing at front of church holding notes
Dean Sheila Bristow welcomes audience at the March 2022 meeting

After Tacoma AGO Dean Sheila Bristow welcomed the members, member Tim Drewes began the program with Chorale Number 2 in B minor, one of three organ chorales that Franck wrote at the end of his life.

Member Wyatt Smith continued the program, with Pastorale in E Major, Opus 19, following which he was joined by Dean Sheila Bristow at the Steinway piano for a duet performance of Prelude, Fugue and Variation in B Minor, Opus 18. Franck wrote two versions of this piece–one for organ alone, but the second to be played as a duet with a pianist.

The program concluded with Chorale Number 3 in A minor, played by Cheryl Drewes, who is the organist at Spanaway Lutheran Church.

Cheryl Drewes standing in front of organ bench facing audience
Cheryl Drewes acknowledges the audience

Following the program, members enjoyed a wine and cheese reception in the church narthex.