Four people standing in organ gallery

Young Organists Exploration at PLU

On February 12, eight young organists from throughout Puget Sound, ranging in age from 12 to 27, came together for a fun-filled, organ-centric afternoon at Pacific Lutheran University. It began with a demonstration of the Paul Fritts organ in Lagerquist Hall, led by Wyatt Smith. The demonstration featured snippets of music by Bach, Sandresky, Laurin, Buxtehude, Franck, Cooman, and others, showcasing some of the vast colors and registrations possible on the Fritts organ. Five of the eight young organists then took turns playing the Fritts organ, sharing music by Mendelssohn, Heck, Cooman, and even an improvisation!

Girl sitting at organ bench surrounded by several people
Young organists taking turns playing the Fritts organ in Lagerquist Hall

The group of students and parents walked over to Farelli’s for a lively pizza lunch. There was much organ talk heard floating through the air. Quite an exciting place to be: seeing young organists engaging with one another, many of whom were meeting for the first time!

People sitting at table in restaurant with menus
Young organists ordering lunch at Farelli’s Pizza

Upon return to Lagerquist, the group all sat together towards the back of the Hall and soaked in Dexter Kennedy’s massive program on the Fritts organ. The concert featured music by Buxtehude, Bach, Litaize, Ritter, and Gigout. Several of the young organists hung around long enough to meet Dexter and have a photo op. A great afternoon was had by all!

Group of five people posed for photo
Three young organists with Wyatt Smith and Dexter Kennedy
Four people standing in organ gallery
Young organists gathering for a demonstration of the Fritts organ

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