2020 Officer Election

As required by our bylaws, the August newsletter published a slate of proposed officers and board members as follows:

  • Dean: Sheila Bristow
  • Sub-Dean: Cheryl Drewes
  • Secretary and Webmaster: Thomas Clark
  • Treasurer: Sandra Tietjen
  • Member at large: Michael Menne

Because it is unlikely that we will have any in-person meetings in the next several months, your board has opted to manage the election on our website (hopefully without any Russian interference!).

In order to vote, you MUST log in to our website using the login form at the bottom of the menu column on the left. If you have not previously established a password, please follow the instructions.

Once you have a password, use the email address that you used to join at the AGO national site, and you password, to login. After logging in, you will see a ballot on the right column of the main page under the calendar. In the interest of simplicity, we are presenting the entire slate for a yes or no vote. In the unlikely event that a majority of members disagrees with the slate, we will repeat the election with a checkbox for each candidate.

The election will be open for two weeks. Please vote! We need a quorum to make it official.

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