Dean’s Message December 2017

On Thanksgiving weekend everyone in our neighborhood decided to decorate their houses at the same time, and with all the lights it looks quite festive around our house. And so it is that time of year again and time to celebrate together! Our annual Christmas Party will be at the Tietjen’s this year, when we will gather to enjoy music of the season next Monday. I hope to see all of you there. It is a time of year when music is all around and a great chance to share the wonders of the organ with the community. With a generous offer from the Seattle chapter, this year we are hosting “Organ in the Mall” on Dec. 15, 5-8 p.m.  It will be a great opportunity to introduce the organ to Christmas shoppers who might have never seen an organ up close. For this to happen though, we still need some volunteers to play. The suggestion of the Seattle chapter, which has held similar events in the past, is to play something light, such as improvising on well-known Christmas repertoire. If you don’t improvise at all, you might purchase a book of holiday music, or just bring your organ book and sightread, or you can play what you might be planning for Christmas at your church. There are so many ways to show off our instrument, but doing so in a secular setting like this is an especially unique opportunity. Just do what you think is most effective! Be creative! Have fun!! And sign up on the Tacoma Chapter website to make this happen. Thank you for your support and participation, and an early Merry Christmas!

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