Dean’s Message December 2022

Well, here it is, the season of Advent and Christmas – expectation, hope, and joy. In the times that we now live in, the narrative takes on poignant meaning, and permeates ordinary life along with everything else that needs to be accomplished. I inevitably find myself squeezed by extra duties and events that come with the season, but I truly enjoy this journey of anticipation, full of wonder. Mindful that your season may be similarly packed, I still hope that you can make room for our upcoming events, unique opportunities to play two notable instruments.

First is our musical Christmas Party 2022 at PLU’s Lagerquist Hall, Monday, December 19th, at 7:00 pm. You are invited to share a favorite Advent or Christmas piece on the stunning Fritts organ. It has always been my belief that every organist should have the opportunity to encounter magnificent instruments – not just to listen to others perform, but to be given ample time to practice and then play in the company of friends and colleagues. Though the organ’s awesome visual presence might be intimidating, know that the supple action and gorgeous sounds are so inviting, and reassuringly comfortable – one is simply inspired by this gracious giant. As an organist and teacher, I’m thrilled that this organ has been made accessible to all of us. On our website’s event page, click “Christmas Party 2022” and then click the links to sign up to play, and to sign up for practice time – up to two hours available!

Second, we invite you to “New Year, New Music,” at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Gig Harbor, Monday, January 16th, at 7:00pm, on the newly expanded 1982 Reiger Orgelblau instrument, installed by Martin Pasi. St. John’s organist, Dr. Dennis Northway, will open the meeting with an introduction to this wonderful organ, which has an intriguing back story. Come to share favorite pieces, or excerpts from pieces, suitable for use as preludes and postludes in the new year. Look forward to hearing a variety of familiar and new works, and take part in the convivial conversation. A reception will follow, graciously hosted by St. John’s. On our website’s event page, click “New Year, New Music” and then click the link to sign up to play.



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