February Program: The Church as an Employer

Our next chapter meeting addresses issues which are vital to all who are employed as church musicians. Amy Heller, HR analyst for Pierce County, will present advice on negotiating contracts and dealing with disagreements with employers. She will lead us through details such as compensation, definition of duties, and legal rights—with a sense of humor! I invite you to come with questions—and also to think of friends and colleagues whom you could invite to attend with you. Your music director? Clergy? Members of the church council/vestry/personnel committee? These issues touch on everyone who hires, fires, supervises, or simply values their organist, and the more folks at the table, the more we can help insure professional treatment of our current colleagues and of future church musicians.

In March, we have a very special event planned: a masterclass with Kraig Scott on Sat, March 23rd, at 10 AM (Christ Church, Tacoma). Mr. Scott is a renowned performer and teacher, and this particular morning will focus on the music of J.S. Bach (whose birthday is March 31st). Chapter members are invited to perform; we hope to delve into a variety of genres within Bach’s output. Please consider if you have a single movement or section of a larger work you’d like to play and be coached on. Sign up information will be out soon!

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