Subdean’s Message June 2020

Dear chapter members,

Greetings from your board during these challenging times! Tacoma chapter programs and activities are currently on hiatus, but if you have ideas of things you’d like to see from your chapter–either right now, or for next year–please feel free to contact me.

For those who are able to take this time as a kind of sabbatical/study leave, I commend to you David Dahl’s excellent article on studying Bach cantatas. I’m adding to the study theme with a list of some online resources for continuing education & artistic enjoyment-

Organ Resources

The AGO national website has an education page, which includes classes on many topics, for many levels.

AGO has also entered into a reciprocal agreement with the Royal College of Organists, so we should soon be able to access the RCO educational materials. Pipedreams, the weekly radio broadcast of organ music from American Public Media, has recently-released shows on its website.

Streamed Performances

Seattle’s Pacific Music Works Underground (early music organization) is live streaming on Facebook. Another early music ensemble, Voices of Music, is posting a weekly performance video . For opera fans, Seattle Opera has an online recital series on their website, plus Saturday morning broadcasts on KING FM. Additionally, Metropolitan Opera has a nightly streamed show, and The Royal Opera House is posting videos regularly (opera & ballet).

Resources for Composers

Lastly, as a composer, I’d like to mention a couple of sources for viewing performances of brand-new music: American Composers Forum has all manner of streamed events listed on their calendar, and the British Columbia branch of the Canadian Music Centre has a video performance series of new works for solo performers, “Unaccompanied”.

Handwashingly yours,
Sheila Bristow
Sub Dean

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