Memorial Service for Andy Crow

The Memorial Concert for Andy Crow on Thursday evening, 8 June, 2017, was a grand occasion to celebrate a man whose devotion to the organ spanned many decades and whose legacy is well known in Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, and beyond. Hosted by the Washington Center, Olympia, the Mighty Andy Crow Wurlitzer was played in various styles by Doug Cleveland and Sharon Stearnes. Andy’s brother played stunningly on the piano and also accompanied long-time friend Anne Edge, violist. Andy’s brother, Todd, also talked about the Crow family history. Other speakers talked about Andy’s performing at the Pizza & Pipes restaurants in Tacoma and Seattle, his long membership in the Olympia Rotary Club, his 30-plus years as organist at the Methodist Church, Olympia, and his foresight and determination to preserve the Capitol Cinema, Olympia, and the Wurlitzer organs which were originally installed in the various Olympia cinemas. The event was very well attended by the citizens of Olympia who recognize the great contributions of this man to the city.

His memorial service program is attached.


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