New AGO Website

In order to expand functionality and flexibility, we have migrated the Tacoma AGO website to the WordPress web framework.  The URL will remain

To Gain Access

  • Navigate to
  • In the login block at the bottom of the menu column on the left, select the “Lost Password” link
  • Enter the email address on file at (the national site)
  • A password change link will be emailed to you
  • If your email address on is not correct, you must change it before you can get access to our chapter site; it takes about a day for the update to propagate locally

Summary of New Features

  • Members will be able to log in to see additional features, such as the membership directory and private locations that are not shown to the public.  Members will also be able to add events to the calendar, submit articles, post classified ads, and participate in forum discussions on various topics.  Your AGO executive committee is working on a plan for editing and maintaining content.
  • Members can log in with either their email address or their national AGO membership number, and the password established at the time of the first login.  Corrections to email addresses, names, addresses, telephone numbers and other preferences should be made on the AGO National site.  They will be automatically propagated to our local site.
  • The calendar will be updated continuously as events are sent to us.  It is possible to subscribe to the calendar so that you don’t have to manually update your own calendar.  Details are available in an article on the site.
  • The newsletter will still be emailed monthly.  It will be a summary of all of the articles posted since the last newsletter, along with the calendar.  You don’t have to wait until the newsletter comes out to see the news.  It will show up gradually on the website.  Check it regularly!
  • The email addresses formerly used to contact officers (such as and submit events and articles are discontinued.  Members can look up other members’ email addresses in the membership directory, which is visible after logging in.  Non-members will use the Contact widget located on the main menu bar.  Members will be able to submit their own events and articles, including pictures.  Instructions will be forthcoming.

Many thanks to Paul Tegels for maintaining an excellent web site for the past four years.  All of the information from that site is being migrated to the new site, including articles and all of the newsletters published since Paul has been archiving them.  They will be indexed and searchable by date or by content.  Paul will be on sabbatical for a few months but, upon his return, will continue to work on web content along with other volunteers.

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