Note from 2018-2019 Scholarship Recipient

This thank you is much past overdue but as the generous scholarship I received from you, the Tacoma AGO, wraps up, I relfect on this experience with joy and gratitude. 

A year ago, I was a musician and person who was terrified and didn’t believe in herself. And I had no idea how to play the organ, of course. 
But now, and only because of your generosity, I am a musician who knows how to play quite a few fun and riveting pieces of music on the organ, and I am a person who understands their capacity and who will never give up. 

Thank you, Tacoma AGO, for granting me an opportunity that changed my life. And thank you, Dr. Paul Tegels, for being an incredible teacher and friend. You have taught me so much about music and life! 

Olivia Brownfield 

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