Website Benefits

If you have never taken the time to establish a password on our Tacoma AGO website, this might be a good time to do it. Members who log in to the site see additional content that is hidden from the public, see more complete search results, can place classified ads, and have enhanced access to the calendar.

Our AGO calendar contains events of general interest to Tacoma organists, including our own chapter events and other musical events that feature our members. Have you ever wished that you could subscribe to our calendar and have these events automatically show up on your phone? It’s easy. Just log in to the AGO website, look at the “For Members” section of the menu in the left column, and select “Subscribe to the Calendar.” You can also submit events to the calendar–just make sure your addition follows the calendar policy.

If you have indicated on the national AGO site that you want to be listed as a substitute, or want to teach, a classified ad is automatically created for you on our local site. Once you create a password, you can claim that ad and add additional details. If you’re looking for a job, you can also create a classified ad indicating your availability. Non-members can read ads and can place ads looking for the services, but only members can place ads looking for work. The classified ad system acts as an intermediary between you and the public, forwarding responses to you and forwarding your answers to the public. The website never exposes your email address to the public unless you choose to include it in the ad description.

Establishing a password is easy. Just follow the instructions at the Instructions for New Members page.

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