AGO Website Highlight: The Calendar

If you use any sort of electronic calendar (and, if you don’t, why not?), you may be interested in a new feature of our website that will allow you to incorporate the AGO calendar into the calendar(s) you already use so that you don’t have to update the calendar for AGO events each month.  All changes and new events will be automatically synced to your calendar.

The feature is called “ical feed”–and yes, it arose from Apple’s icalendar, but it now it works with pretty much any electronic calendar system.

If you use Google’s calendar, which you probably do if you have an Android phone, go to and log in.  Use the dropdown box beside “Other Calendars” to “Add by URL” and enter .  Within a few hours, the AGO calendar will be superimposed on all of the clients you are using with Google calendar.

If you are using Apple’s calendar server, you can add the same URL on your iphone or desktop calendar by going to File -> New Calendar Subscription.  It’s easy because Apple developed this protocol.

Even if you are using a stand-alone electronic calendar on your desktop or phone unrelated to Google or Apple, you can still add the Tacoma AGO calendar URL as an additional calendar and it will just work.

Stop trying to match up AGO events to your personal calendar every month!  Subscribe and save time.

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