New Website Feature: Classifieds

Our new Tacoma AGO website is sporting a new feature–classified ads.  It can be used by AGO members to list their services, and by others who are interested in hiring AGO members.

Any church, organization, or person seeking the services of an organist can post their own classified ad.  There is no need to write one of us to process their request. If you get any inquiries about advertising a church organist position, just direct them to our site.

Ads for Tacoma AGO members who teach or substitute are created automatically from the AGO national site.  If you have indicated on the national site that you are available to teach or substitute (or both), an ad (or two ads) will be automatically created for you on our local site.  Please make sure your teaching and substituting preferences are correct on the national site.  If they are not, change them, and the changes will be reflected locally within a day.

The automatically created ads have minimal information, but do allow the public to contact you without disclosing your email address.  The communication is handled by the website without showing your email address.  If you want to enhance your ad, you may “claim” and edit it as follows.

First, you have to change your password on the Tacoma AGO site and login.  That procedure, announced in the June newsletter, is still available here.

After logging in, choose the Classified Ads menu item located under the fourth full measure of the Quodlibet on the main page (on a standard sized screen).  Find your ad, then choose the Edit link at the bottom.  The system will email you the key necessary to edit your ad.  You may add additional contact info, a biography or other information, and pictures.  Anything you put in your ad will be public, and will be uploaded to search engines within a few hours.  The only way to delete your ad is to go to the AGO national site and uncheck the service you wish to discontinue (teaching or substituting).

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