Poll Results and Program Planning

Your board met this week to evaluate the poll results and plan programs for the coming year. With one exception, it looks like we will be able to implement all of the program ideas with the most votes!

Fortunately for Hillsdale, Michigan but unfortunately for us, the Fritts Shop is ahead of schedule on the current organ, and it will have been shipped before September. Instead of a visit to the Fritts Shop, we will have an opening picnic at Point Defiance. It’s not a bad alternative, with its fantastic views and newly constructed pedestrian bridge and aquarium.

October will be a trip to the Paramount Theater in Seattle to see and hear the Wurlitzer theater organ.

In November, Christ Episcopal Church will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Brombaugh organ with a recital played by Kraig Scott. The AGO will “piggyback” onto this event with a fireside conversation about the history and design of the organ.

Member Mark Brombaugh is planning a program on tuning and temperament. Member Joseph Adam will present a program on Vierne.

There was significant interest in choral programs–and the support of choral singing is part of our mission. We are working out the details for two such programs in the Spring. One will be focused on practical instruction in getting the best out of a small choir, including warm-up and other rehearsal techniques. The other will be a presentation on shape note singing by Eric Rutherford, who just completed his dissertation on this topic.

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