Seattle Organ Tour 2022

On Saturday, May 30, Seattle AGO members toured four important Seattle organs.

The day began at Queen Anne Lutheran Church. Organist Kyle Haugen introduced the Wechs organ and briefly demonstrated its capabilities. Several members then played pieces to try out the organ.

At the next stop, organist Andrew Koch was not present, but David Dahl, who played the dedication recital, was able to introduce Fritts Organs opus 4. The organ is especially meaningful to David because his father did the wood carving for the pipe shades.

At St. Andrews Episcopal Church, organist Tim Drewes introduced the organ and provided a bit of history. The organ was initially in equal temperament, but Tim, who is also an organ builder, modified it to Kellner.

Members ate lunch in the community room of Gethsemane Lutheran Church, then heard a brief introduction to Fritts opus 6 by organist Thomas Clark. Several members then played pieces to demonstrate the organ.

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  1. It was a fabulous day! There are so many outstanding organs in Seattle. Thank you to David Dahl for planning the tour, and for all the hosts for sharing your instruments with us.

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